Hotlink this!

Maybe its my sore back. Maybe I’ve just been trapped in the US too long. Maybe I’m just a jerk.

Maybe its all three, but I can’t stop laughing. 🙂

After researching some very strange findings in my web logs, I came across about a dozen sites that had hotlinked an image of a flag directly from my server! If you are not familiar, hotlinking is the practice (slightly illegal and considered extremely rude) of using an image from someone else’s website, but not even doing the courtesy of saving the graphic to your own server. Why can’t they just “steal” it from properly like the rest of us!?

HotLinking does two things. It uses people’s bandwidth which may cost them speed and/or money. And more importantly to me, it completely screws up their stats in analytics which helps someone plan and tune a commercial website. Hotlinking makes it look like there are more visitors to my website than there really are, and skews the data collected. In short, its enough to piss me off.

So, rather than yank the image away just yet, I decided to do a little renaming which yielded some interesting results. [insert evil laugh here]. The most appalling site I caught doing it was! A commercial, money making site that could eat mine for breakfast, stealing my goodies!
As of this writing, my image is still there. Have a look, but be warned – its NOT VERY PLEASANT.

If you see an Irish flag instead of a toilet, its been fixed. 🙂

Here is another one of the sites I busted that hasn’t caught on:
An Irish forum

and my absolute favorite, a A political site


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6 Responses to “Hotlink this!”

  1. Just TOO FUNNY! LOL.

  2. I literally cannot stop laughing. LOL great idea!

  3. Very funny! What I’d do is use it as a free plug for the site. Put an image with the words “The original image used was Copyright Greg Rodgers. Visit his excellent site at” or maybe just make it an animated .gif that does the Ireland flag for 5 seconds and then the poop so that the sites’ maintainers won’t realize what is going on.

  4. That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Love the way you stuck it to flightline. They’re a professional operation and yet the nicked your photo?

  5. walking backwards March 31, 2008 at 23:16 pm

    that alone justifies the entirety of my life. 😀


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