Hello Acapulco!

I wasn’t sure if it was such a good idea or not, but even though this is technically not a vagabonding trip, I decided to try out my old skills anyway. There was no way I was going to pay the $50 cab ride from the airport to our rental house.

As I stepped off the plane in Acapulco, the heat radiating up from the runway hit me in the face. Through wavy lines, I could see the buses coming to collect us on the cracked tarmac. After getting stamped into Mexico for my very first time, I grabbed my backpack and briskly strode past the taxi drivers that were circling the front doors for tourists.

I walked out the main gates under the watchful eye of a machine gun carrying guard and crossed the 4 lane highway. A quick check on my compass told me where south (and the Pacific Ocean) were, so I began walking. Its been a long time and that old familiar tingle was back in my veins. Soon enough, a local “chicken bus” puttered up beside me and I flagged him down. I climbed on board and embarrassed myself with my high school Spanish. The driver did not know where my house was, never told me how much, or where he was going. But hey…I was going somewhere and that was good enough for now.

We crept along in a rusty brown bus that probably hit its peak in the 1960s. I kept a watchful eye on my compass, but we kept a true course South. Eventually he stopped and pointed to another bus. I figured, why not, and changed buses there on the side of the road, and began moving Southwest. Another hour passed and I felt instant relief when the Bay came into view.

Altogether it was a 2.5 hour journey from the airport to mi casa for the next 3 weeks, but for the 2 bus fares and a taxi (the driver was the only way I could find the neighborhood) it cost me a grand total of $4. woohoo! 2.5 hours of my life gone forever spent sweating on a bus, but hey….I was back in my vagabonding groove!

I am really going to enjoy this. 🙂

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