Daybreak did not even phase the mass of dancing zombies.

The sun had just come up on Ban Tai during the famous half moon party and it never slowed the music or those of us that were still dancing to the thundering, monotonous, trance techno.

My German friends and I messed around Haad Rin until bout 02:00am then caught a truck out to the party which was a 20 minute bumpy ride. The party is pretty much just a huge rave out in the jungle, but also very structured and commercialized. There was psychodelic art, things for sale, and 200 baht to enter…..but damn it was fun! There had to be over 3000 people there easily exchanging sweat and fluids with strangers from all over the world.

When you looked around all you could see beyond the party was the jungle and palms, which was an amazing feeling and put a big smile on my face (or maybe it was the 8 Thai Redbulls I had drank?) Instead of the light breaking up the party…people got even crazier! Just the realization that I was 9000 miles from home banging bodies with people from all over the world as the sun came up tickled me with adrenaline. Damn I feel good! We left around 09:00am, exhausted, covered with our sweat and lots of other people’s, and took a full truck back to Haad Rin. We ate some breakfast/lunch and then went our own ways. I hate to say it but after this I am looking forward to the FMP on the 14th.

I flopped down in bed, still covered in sweat, sand, and smoke and realized that it was bloody hot. Of all the crappy luck, the island had no power at all until 16:30 today. How can a place have no power at all from 08:00 to almost 17:00? It gets pretty hot in a bungalow with no fan turning so by the time I crawled out around 13:00, I was so dehydrated from the heat and Redbull that my legs were shaking.

I sense a day of doing nothing coming on. :)
To make matters worse, it rained all day the same way it did last week, in sheets of monsoon strength rain.

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