Goodbye paradise

I leave Ko Phi Phi in 2 hours.

Im happy to be packed and moving on to new things, but at the same time I hate leaving this beautiful island. No more islands for me unfortunately, my sunburned Irish skin will be so happy to hear. I take a boat to Phuket, then a short flight to Bangkok. From there I will take a long train north to Ventianne, Laos. If they let me through and give me my visa at the border, I’ll bum around laos for the next 2 weeks. I promised myself that I would travel everywhere overland, but my Thai visa is toast in 5 days and it would take me at least that long to get out of the deep south of Thailand where I am. Its always fun starting a big journey like this, this time I have to cross the entire country from south to north…Im sure its going to be “interesting”.

I told my dive instructor and Dutch friend goodbye. As usual, its always a bittersweet goodbye and you walk away with memories and an email. Backpacking is so fast, you build these friendships in one week that would take months at home….then its over. So passionate and to the point, I love it though.

I sold my firetorch on the beach for 200 Baht. I hated to see it go but did not want to attempt to fly with it…it looks like a weapon! I will construct one at home once I am strong enough in the force and then amaze and terrify friends at cookouts with my new fire skills. I hope the neighbors are cool with me slinging fire around in KY.

Im not so happy about starting my malaria pills today. I need them for Laos and the Mekong river area where I’ll be traveling. They are enormous blue horse pills with loads of hidden bonus side effects. I’ll stay positive though…maybe they will give me some superhuman skill or something. So far, Im glad to say, the mozzies have left me pretty much alone. The spiders, bedbugs, and sand fleas are another story…my ankles are always dotted with small red bites but dont itch much. Im ok with it….they have to eat too.

I kind of wish that I could teleport myself home to my Irish pub just for St Pattys Day here soon. Maybe I can round up some Irish friends in Bangkok or Laos and have a proper celebration here. Otherwise….life is GOOD!

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