Goodbye Europe

This is probably my last post from Europe before heading home.

It sounds strange, but when I am here, I feel like I am much closer to so many friends that I have built amazing bonds with this year. It doesn’t really make me sad to leave the city behind, but when I leave I am also eliminating the possibilities of seeing people that I have made amazing connections with during my travels. Right now, I can jump on a quick and cheap RyanAir flight and be with people I love dearly in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, and all over. Once I am back in the US, I am literally a world away.

On a happier note, my finger is still attached and seems to be healing nicely. 1000MG of antibiotics a day will probably make me sprout a couple more fingers for redundancy. I am also nearly over my sinus infection….now where is the diving?! 🙂 Speaking of diving, I am pretty much deaf in one ear again. The last time this happened, it went on for months before my ear “popped” at the pub and I jumped around dancing and telling people that I could hear again. We shall see. I feel 110% though and have been floating a few inches off the ground I am so happy.

The weather here in London has been spectacular, some sun and low 50s F. Last night I met my Swedish friend Gustav and then went inside one of the many casinos here in Piccadilly where I basically fed some machine a couple of pounds, it flashed some pretty lights at me, and then took my money. Hmmm…not exactly my idea of entertainment. Cards are analog, I can do that, but a computer deciding what cards it gets and which ones I get, not fair. (unless I can have a crack at the software) 🙂

I have had so much fun on this adventure that the thoughts of standing in America in a couple of days both horrifies and excites me.

Whats next…..?

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  1. What’s next in America? Oh, let’s see….Walmart supercenters with tons of goodies and no soul. Jobs (puke) that provide money and a cubicle that is in actuality a device that drains your soul and turns it into money. Um….what else…..I think I’ve hit bottom. That’s what you have to look forward to! I hope you’re excited!

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