Fire Dancing

There is no power on the island again today until 15:00. Its so bloody hot and it is too cloudy to hang on the beach, so everyone is in the street. Every guesthouse is full and tons of people are still arriving for the FMP on the 14th. Its going to be massive! There are women sitting on the side of the street with signs that say “need place” and people pick them up to share double rooms. As the moon gets fuller, its so bright here, the beach gets more insane at night. It peaks around 04:00am and goes until way past sunrise.

There are guys that do traditional Polynesian/Thai fire dancing here, spinning torches that are on fire. I watch them every night on the beach and today I was talking to some people from Australia and found where they practice. They offer classes so I signed up for an all day class. What the hell, might as well learn how to burn my eyebrows off with style in front of lots of people. :)

I decided not to wait on the class, so I bought the torch in a shop here and went to the beach to try it. I got the guys to light it and I spun it like a Chinese kung fu staff. Its different but I could spin it around with some confidence, people on the beach watching were shocked seeing a white boy do it. Im going to come practice with the Thai guys every evening before the beach gets crazy and maybe I will learn something. The only thing I dont like is the kerosene it slings everywhere, it goes into your eyes and you smell like you caught on fire whether you were lucky enough to or not. I practice pretty close to the ocean so I can run like a madman towards it if I burst into flames. :)

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