Finding Cheap Airfare – My Trick

Getting cheap airfare can be tricky

2015 Update: Unfortunately, Kayak caught on and has changed their site. I’ve got some juicy insider tips for booking flights on my backpacking site ( I fly a lot, so I’ve collected some great tricks for how to find cheap flights.

Ask 20 people on your plane what they paid for their ticket and you will probably get that many different answers.

Unfortunately, booking a bargain flight has become an evil puzzle that I am constantly trying to figure out. I did come across one cool new tool that helps when you are fairly flexible with your plans — as a real vagabond should be! 🙂

So many times when vagabonding or planning a trip, the price of a flight was more important to me than the actual destination. For instance, if I just wanted to wander Europe, I would be willing to change my port of entry to save a few hundred dollars. It makes little difference to me if I fly into Brussels, Frankfurt, or even London because of cheap budget airline options such as RyanAir that can shuttle me around for cheap or even free sometimes!

Why not save a few bucks flying into a cheaper city and then catching a budget hop to my planned destination? Many people trying budget travel basically just want to get to the continent with the cheapest airfare possible.

Here is a cool way that I have found to do that!

Find Cheap Airfare – Trick #1

Having the right tools for the job is essential. I found a handy little airfare tool at In a nutshell, here is how it works….

First, go to and enter your location.

Next, choose the month from the drop-down menu, and then go to ‘Where’ to pick a region.

Kayak will check for recently booked flights to that region from your airport code and give you the rundown. You can then click to see if the current fare is still there or has gotten even cheaper (hopefully).

Technically you could then look for flights using other booking websites or your favorite. Kayak checks around 450 sites and typically brings up pretty good fairs for me.

It may not work every time, but it never hurts to add a tool to arsenal for finding cheap airfare.

Good luck!

(This post isn’t an advert, and no, I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Kayak.)

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  1. Cool tip – I wasn’t aware of “buzz” and will give it a try next time I am hunting airfares.


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