Vagabonding in Thailand Finances

I have had numerous people ask me or look at me with envy when I talk about a 3 month holiday in Southeast Asia. I dont think they realise that you can set your standard of living here and it will almost always be way cheaper than being in the US. For instance some of my daily costs are below:

Bungalow: 200 baht a night. (US $5) That’s $150 a month…cheaper than any rent or mortgage.

Dinner: 40 baht (Thai food) or 80 baht (almost anything) That’s US $2

Transportation: 40 baht for a taxi. It’s easy to walk everywhere, but that’s $30 a month. Cant own much of a vehicle for that at home.

Laundry (if you dont wash yourself in the sink) 60 baht. That’s $1.20 a week.

Supplies, groceries, misc — all 75 percent cheaper than at home.

You don’t find yourself buying a lot of “toys” or shopping because in reality you don’t need it. Not to turn Buddhist here, but I have never been happier, and I only have what I can carry on my back. I think we buy electronics and goodies at home to ease the pain of working and slaving so much. I don’t need a Bose stereo here and besides, it would never fit in my pack. :)

In total, my first three weeks here, I have been averaging US $20 a day, so $600 a month total. There is no way I could entertain myself or live in the States for that. Granted, I’m not exactly living luxuriously here…I have gecko’s in my room, a 3 legged dog outside, and about two days a week there is no power, but hey…I wouldn’t trade it for a house payment and cubicle to sit in any day.

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  1. Hi
    Just started reading your blog. I’m really starting to get int0 the the backpacking frame off mind. I work in an office at the moment and am so so bored of life, lol (i know you understand that feeling).
    The only reason I am writing this is to tell you your last statement has set my mind so I thank you for that.
    Good luck to you and maybe our paths will cross one day.
    Dave (UK)

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