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If you have enjoyed this website or hate cubicles as much as I do, please take a quick minute to help me buy my next meal somewhere — it doesn’t cost you anything.

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16 Responses to “Feed Me!”

  1. Wishing you a happy, safe & lengthy trip Greg!

    Have fun

  2. See that you are now in Malaysia.

    Hope you get to the Batu dark caves – not the temples. Quite interesting with the twilight entrance chamber like something out of Indiana Jones: A covered walkway protecting you from the pitter-pat of bat guano dropping to a floor that is literally alive. Add bat munching mutts and the occasional python that becomes lost in the caves and you have an interesting adventure. After our spelunking there we went to the public showers to clean off but were asked to hose ourselves down even before we were allowed into the showers.

  3. Enjoy your trip – 0.25 contributed 🙂

  4. Quarter donated – wishing you a great trip! Hope to do the same myself within the next few years!

  5. Hi Greg,
    Just came upon your site while looking up how to improve my own travel blog and you made me laugh 🙂 I did a search on Kayak to give you your quarter and I’ll try to remember to use your links whenever I’m going to book a hotel etc so you can get some commission!
    Personally, I’m lucky enough to be ok in the finance dept, but would love to be linked to your blog so that my website can grow (I just want people to read what I put blood, sweat and tears into writing!)

  6. Spend some time searching for flights on the “quarter” website.
    Your website is one my bookmarks now.

  7. Just donated to your “feed me” fund on Paypal – hope you enjoy a nice dinner or two 😉

  8. Hey Greg!

    I just did a search on Kayak for you. Right now I’m saving up money to head out on the road myself, so I can’t really contribute much, but I’ve bookmarked your linkage page and I’ll definitely use some links when I need to purchase things. [Like that 12 cell replacement battery for the HP DV6000, that I will be buying from buy.com within the next day or two.] I wish you tons of happiness and a future of endless opportunities.

    Warm Regards,

  9. i just gave you 50 cents less than half of 1.50

    btw i love your startbackpacking site and this one, im 19 and have been wanting to backpack and travel everywhere ever since i first started in washington on a trip with a group.

    id love to hear anymore indepth advice you have
    im planning on going to machu picchu this summer, then around the US then who knows where

    i TOTALLY felt exactly like you did, except i didnt need the desk job to know that i didnt wanna be another robot in the rat race of modern western society

    if you could find the time to email anything it would mean so much 🙂

  10. I’m sitting in my rather nice, spacious, cubicle right now. I just found your blog last night while searching “Ko Phi Phi tsunami in action”. Anyway, thank you for keeping me company and entertained while I still live in Corporate America. While trying to “feed” you through your links, I realized you are currently in KY. I live in the St Matthews neighborhood of Louisville. If you’re nearby, or want to be, email me! I, too, took my first motorbike joy ride while in the Pai area (in 2009).

  11. Hey there Greg, love the blog and site in general. If you have some time I’d really appreciate it if you sent an email my way, I’m looking to start my own adventure and have been trying to set up my own little site before I head out. If you have any tips or pointers about this I’d love to hear them. I like your set-up and mines only a little blog on wordpress with literally zero stuff on it. But if you have anything you could share I’d definitely appreciate it. The feed me and links on the side help I’m sure, plus I like how its your own site and not off of a blog site.

    Let me know whatever you can, and I’m sure I’d have more in depth questions about it once I reply. Lookin’ forward to hearing from you.


  12. love your site! love the anti cubicle attitude, think the same way 🙂

  13. I wish you the best in your journey. Who knows, perhaps I’ll meet you during my travels. Until then.

  14. Níl do suíomh idirlín ag obair i gceart chun airgead a thabhairt. Dlitear duit uaim – ach mar a deir an t-seanfhocail ‘is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras’.

  15. Hi Greg,

    I really like your idea of backpacking and heading to anywhere and everywhere. I am tired of this corporate like as much as you are. I am saving up money for my own Vegabonding life. I wish you luck in your journey. I see you are in Daremshala right now. I am from India and I suggest you should visit Hemkund Sahib and Niti La in Uttaranchal. If you crave for nomadic life you’ll find peace there.

  16. Hi Greg!
    This website is amazing! Reading the backpacking travel section made me so envious of what you are doing! Keep the dream alive my friend.

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