OK…I promise: no more pictures of Cloud Gate!

Of all the countries and cities within those countries that I have wandered, one thing was consistent no matter if I stood in Asia, Europe, America, or even Mexico….

You will find Guinness, heart clogging food, and good times…(aka craic)…under the inviting orange, white, and green of the Irish flag.

Since Chicago also happened to be the home of Adventure Doc, known only to a select few as Erik McLaughlin, we decided to meet up in person and exchange handshakes rather than keystrokes. Erik is an M.D. (although with his tats and piercings doesn’t pass off as your typical family doctor) and has been writing advice for StartBackpacking’s backpacking medicine section. He knows his stuff and plans to take his show on the road to Africa or somewhere with a little adventure to offer in exchange for his help. His intelligent Greek wife designs clinics, so they should make a great team.

He also knows his Irish pubs. We met at a place called “Fado” which means “long ago” in Irish. The atmosphere was incredible, making the Irish pub student-traps of my hometown seem ridiculously drab. I left our meeting flowing with positive chi and teeming with adventurous ambitions for the future.

It was a great last night in Chicago, and almost makes up for the painful drive in the morning. I swear that my watch runs faster in this city; I never have time to do all the things that I want to do. If not before, I do plan to make it back to document (and eat until I vomit) at the “Taste of Chicago” food festival in June, let me know if anyone is going or wants to rideshare. See you there!

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  1. Hey Greg, what??? People steal your photo’s?? How horrible….I would never steal (Ko Phi Phi) pictures 🙂

    X Suus

  2. Haha, yeah right, its hanging on your bloody wall in s-hertogenbosch, I saw it!!! 🙂

  3. hey – i can’t believe you didn’t mention me in your chicago article. where’s the love? xoxo

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