Escape to Kanchanaburi

I got up this morning and decided that Chinese New year or not, I was going to follow my heart and get the hell out of Bangkok. This was the first decision that I have made to balk the “touristy” thing to do (experience Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Bangkok) and go with my gut to enjoy myself.
I finally got a grip and started haggling properly, Im sure I was still ripped off, but that US .50 cents I saved made me feel like less of a sucker. :) I took a taxi to the south bus station which was a mad house…very little English and the touts were literally opening my door before the taxi stopped. I had to lock it to keep them out! I got inside and finally found the window that sold tickets to Kanchanaburi.

No one here spoke English, I feel like I am way out of place being the only farang (white person) as well. I begged the bus driver to let me hold my backpack rather than put it underneath because it was wide open and there was tons of foot traffic…it looked like a thief’s dream. We got underway and I was the only farang on the bus, which was cool. We rode about 3 hours west to Kanchanaburi and I got off the bus literally with no plan, no map, and no idea what to do. Now this is true vagabonding! I heard an English couple talking so I asked them where they were headed…soon enough we were splitting a tuk-tuk to a guest house called the “Jolly Frog”. This place is awesome, its right on the river Kwai and has a beautiful garden in the back with hammocks and places to meet people. Restaurant, bar, and a double with private bath is 200 Baht…about US $5. There were cheaper rooms even still.
This town is so quiet, I have not heard a siren in 3 days. The people are friendly and I have already met travelers from Germany and Italy – very nice people. I will stay here a few more days and see some things before possibly heading back out to Bangkok for the New Year.

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