Egypt in a nutshell

Because so many people are asking me about my trip, here is a fun facts worksheet of the experience.

Number of weeks spent in country: 4

Number of scuba dives attempted: 4

Favorite place in Egypt: Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula

Least favorite place in Egypt: Cairo

Number of dogs seen hit by vehicles: 1

Number of people seen hit by vehicles: 2

Number of times almost arrested: 2 (please dont ask)

Longest local bus ride: 11 hours from Dahab to Cairo

Number of times almost injured diving: 2

Number of my ears that work properly after the diving: 1

Number of times almost killed crossing the street: 34

Average price paid for a meal: $2

Average price paid for accomodations: From $2 (Luxor) to $35 (Sharm al Sheik)

Cost of flight from London to Sharm: $200

Number of real Egyptian friends made: 2

Number of shisha pipes smoked 8 places

Number of backpacker friends made: 5

Number of guys that spit when they looked at my passport: 4

Favorite monument: Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Most exotic food tried: Pigeon (no, it doesnt taste like chicken)

Number of times slept on the beach: 0 (as opposed to many in Thailand)

Number of new scars earned: 2

Number of times with food poisoning: 0 (as opposed to 2 in Southeast Asia)

Number of times I wanted to strangle a tout: Too many to remember!

Number of pyramids visited: 3

Biggest regret: Not making it to Mount Sinai

Most happy moment: Getting my taken daybag and camera back on the ferry to Sharm

Most sad moment: Telling my friends goodbye on the road before getting on the bus

Number of times I had to bribe someone in a uniform: 2

Number of 4 foot tall Shishah pipes brought back to America: 1 🙂

Number of times I had to belly dance on stage in front of an audience: 1

Number of days spent with a severe infection on my hand: 21

Chance that I will return to Egypt one day at least for the diving: 100%

ok, Im going to stop there. This thing is starting to feel like one of those MySpace surveys. 🙂

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  1. Almost arrested? I’m asking, you retarded American stump. How dare you represent us in an ill fashion by exposing our uninformed and ignorant ways! I’m asking! 🙂

  2. this is the coolest dumbest facts about egypt ever thanks bye!!!!!!!!!

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