“arrgh – fecking reg down pokked cahr fecking maggot left at brick brown! feck. arrgh.”

These were the directions that Paola and I received on several attempts to locate a pub on North Main st where we were supposed to meet up with Eli last night. We looked at each other in bewilderment, then thanked the man that actually did not seem drunk, and walked quickly to find someone else to ask. Strange, how with many Irish I can barely detect any accent at all, and with some, I walk away wondering if they had just placed some ancient Gaelic curse on my family name or something.

I am still loving Cork, but will take the bus 2.5 hours West to Tralee tomorrow morning, just in time for the start of the Rose of Tralee festival. I plan to grab lunch with my friend Dawn, assuming that I do not “stop to smell the roses” as she put it. (they call the beauty queens that are in for the festival the “roses” here) 🙂 I am wishing now that I had taken time to explore Kerry and Kilarney, but I fly out to Sweden on Sunday. Oh well, it just means that I will have to come back to Ireland. damn!

Cork is an interesting town. The people are very proud of their city and I can see why. In fact, they refer to themselves as “Corkonians” and jokingly talk about leaving the Republic to form their own province. Is it a joke? After checking out and seeing the red T-shirts around town I am starting to wonder. 🙂 They also claim to be the true capital of Ireland, rather than Dublin.

The sun is peeping out for now, a nice improvement over the stinging rain blown into my face from the cold wind. I even got a bonus cough from walking around in it so much, what a deal.
They say that if you dont like the weather in Ireland, wait 10 minutes. Its true! Clouds come and go faster than you can dig for your umbrella. I really hope the weather cooperates and lets me play a little in Tralee. I have taken maybe a grand total of 10 pictures in Ireland. Pretty sad, but given the weather and my lack of non-pub adventure, Im not sure what I should photograph. Look, heres me on the bus on the way to the pub. Look, heres me walking to the pub. Look, heres me digging for my wallet. I think that Ill wait until I have something proper to post.

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