Cold front….WTF!?!

Ko Lanta is SO bloody hot! I love it here though. Nothing but wood and bamboo structures on Long beach where I am…no concrete walls or resorts. Everything is chill, Bob Marley and Jack Johnson playing on the beach. Lots of cafes, bars, and little restaurants with tables in the sand, but still far from the water. White sand, very deep and cold blue water. No poo rivers as we call them…raw sewage draining from resorts directly untreated into the ocean. There were many in Ko Tao! I am living on fruit shakes alone, mango, bananas, they are .50 cents US and 100% fresh fruit. Life is rough.

Apparently per the weather channel, this is a “cool front”. Its 91F/33C. In the next 3 days its going on up to 98F. ouch! There are a lot more Americans and English here. Its nice to hear some proper English again. Ive been talking to non-native English speaks (which all speak very good English) for so long, that now I speak with broken English so they can understand. Instead of saying “Do you have icecream here?” you shorten things to “eat icecream here?”

I signed up for horseback riding on the beach tomorrow. Myself, maybe a friend, and the guide which rides as well. US $15 which is a splurge, but how cool is it to ride at the water’s edge?!?! Of course, last time I was on a horse it tried to kill me, but at least the sand is soft here when I fall.

Ive been avoiding the temptation to hire a motorbike here in Thailand because the roads have been nasty. This island is so large though and the roads so nice, I will do it and explore around tomorrow. If the horse doesnt stomp my head under the water first.

The Thais here are friendly which is good. I have been practising my language again and they love it. I can order, negotiate, and do the general BS in Thai now. Ive had friends teach me some German, Dutch and Swedish…I love languages so much I am seriously thinking about doing something stupid like hopping back into school for a while when I get back just to study languages. When I try to speak Thai they always smile, help me pronounciate, and even today the woman gave me the rest of my mango shake that was in the mixer. Usually they toss it or drink it themselves…so it has some rewards. 🙂

I do regret not being able to do any proper rock climbing while here. I guess I can always hook up a trip to Colorado when I get back. There are other attractions here though, like jungle, mountains, islands, scuba, lots of crazy places.

Im afraid the Fukitol in my veins has reached peak levels now days. Someone could lop my arm off with a machete and I would finish my shake, then look over and probably say “Dude….”.

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