Chinese New Year in Kentucky

Elephant Mountain near Lijiang, China

Happy New Year — again!

Tomorrow kicks off the Chinese Lunar New Year with a new moon, and I fear the worst.

After two frustrating hours of consulting Google to find a place where I could torment some local Chinese with the worst my Mandarin has to offer, I had no luck finding a local celebration here in Lexington, Kentucky. It appears that few people are interested in where all that stuff in their Wal-Mart shopping cart was made.

Sure, there are lots of Chinese people that live here in Lexington, but most will probably be celebrating in their own, authentic ways.

So I’m afraid I may be doomed to celebrating the start of the Year of the Ox by ordering up some Chinese food in a local restaurant and praying that I can BS enough with them about my travels in China to get some proper, non-Californian-style food put on my plate.

By the way, did you know that most of the stuff you call ‘Chinese food’ originated in San Francisco?

Real Chinese Food

So that gigantic food tangent was more or less just to show how different our cultures really are, and how we don’t even tend to take notice. Now that you are in the know, ask the average person tomorrow what their plans are for Chinese New Year.

There is a Chinese church not far from here — my one small hope. I may drive by in the evening and see if there is any activity. Who knows, maybe I’ll stumble into a gigantic Shaolin demonstration complimented with traditional music and an all-you-can eat traditional buffet.

Good things happen to those who wish for it (and then put themselves into the position for good things to happen).

Now, where is Mama Naxi from Lijiang barking orders and cooking one of her eight-course dinners with a smile when I need her?

If the church falls through, it looks like I’ve got a date for a Chinese-related movie (maybe The Shaolin Temple, an epic classic) and some steamed jiao tse dumplings if I can find them.

…but if someone puts an eggroll in front of me tomorrow, it’s getting hurtled at the nearest person I see eating sweet-and-sour chicken. Damn it!

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  1. hey did you find a place in Lexington?

  2. Just read this and find it pretty funny. If you make it to California for CNY 2010, I promise you some authentic Chinese food and festivities 🙂

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