Burning Man – Next Year?

Today marks the start of the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

If you haven’t read or seen anything about the project, check into it (http://www.burningman.com)…I don’t have the skill, patience, or finger strength to write everything it would take to make someone understand the madness that is Burning Man. Imagine going to one of the driest, most desolate places in the U.S., a cracked dusty playa in the middle of the Nevada desert and building a huge, temporary eco-friendly city.

Drop in art, fire, sex, drugs, enough piercings to build a skyscraper and 25K+ very progressively thinking people. People that wear nothing but body paint (if that). Sprinkle in some cops and then cover everything with dust. That is Burning Man. Oh…and at the end of the week, you burn a gigantic effigy and then tear everything down leaving no trace.

It truly is a study of human nature, one that I wish I was attending right now rather than sitting at home waiting for another 10 hour shift of watching horses try to maim their riders. I like the concept, but don’t care for the price ($295 for a ticket which you have to buy in advance in order to get in).

On the flip side, there is supposed to be absolutely nothing commercial on the inside going on. No vendors, no private or commercial exchange of money, no logos or advertisements. You have to bring what you need to survive, and if you don’t have it then someone will gladly give it to you or will trade for something that they need. It’s a giant swap meet.

That alone might be worth the price of admission, just a week long escape from rampant American capitalism with no big companies blasting their jingles or logos in your eyes and ears.

Going out there is definitely an option for next year…any takers?

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