Bungy Jump

Pictures of the bungy jump in Chiang Mai have been moved to here.

Half way through my freefall I realized that something was wrong.

Instead of the beautiful swan dive pose that you always see in the bungy pictures, I was falling feet first. Falling fast I might add. Before my adrenaline numbed mind could do anything to react, I heard a loud, sickening “SNAP” sound. As in other things that are adrenaline soaked, it felt as if life were moving in slow motion. I began thinking to myself…was it my hernia surgery rupturing open? I looked below me and saw no spray of guts from my insides, so no. Was it my neck or back? Another 3 months of good business for my chiropractor (again)? Nope. Was it the rope which was pretty much just a big bundle of rubber bands finally breaking after the magical Nth jump? Before I could ponder longer, I was jerked violently up into the air like a toy on the end of a cat’s string. The snap was the rope pulling tight and swinging my body around like a ragdoll because I was not in the proper stance when I fell. No damage done, other than to my pictures. I look more like someone that was pushed off a building instead of an adrenaline seeker.

My heart was pounding as I wiggled my way to the edge of the 150ft platform. The rope was already hanging down below me and was heavy, threatening to pull me off when I wasnt ready. I looked down at the scummy green water below. What a horrible and messy way to die if something goes wrong, I thought to myself. In a land where lawsuits dont exist, safety isnt always the top concern. Also, no one there to witness. I was alone. I dont really have any friends in Chiang Mai yet and there were no other jumpers. It was just myself and the tattoo covered Thai staff. I think that really added to my adrenaline, knowing that I was the only one and there were no friends on the ground in support. The Thai photographer on the platform with me said “ready friend?” and I said “oh crap”. Im sure he thought that I meant “khrap” which means “yes” in Thai. He advises me “slow jump, very difficult – fast jump easier”. He was right. The longer I stood there, the harder it would be to get my body to do the unnatural act of leaping off. I had way more adrenaline than I experienced skydiving. Maybe it was because I was low enough that things looked dangerous, unlike when you’re looking at the tops of clouds. Also, no experienced professional strapped to my back and joined in the same fate. I was alone in the act.

He gave me a countdown. “3 – 2 – 1 – BUNGY!” Without another hesitation, I sprang forward
and although it was ugly, I completed my first bungy jump. After bobbing around on the end of the cord for what seemed like eternity, and seeing stars from all the blood that rushes to your brain so quickly, they lowered me to the platform below. My legs wobbled as I struggled to stand and everyone shook my hand. A few more pictures and I was on my way home, heart still pounding – but a big joker grin on my face the whole way.

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  1. Guess you had to do it SOMEtime, given that the Royal Gorge was a flop. Love the booties for your peds! I thought your shorts had fallen to your ankles, and was relieved when I realized they hadn’t. 🙂

    Wow, no recourse? No legal system? You’re either brave or retarded (says the typical weenie American that hasn’t left North America yet).

    The talc warpaint cracks me up. My first thought was “damn, you shouldn’t be putting that on your face…it’s not good to get that in your eyes”. I guess I’d make the perfect American parent. “Don’t eat that bug, little Freddie!”

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