Booking a Cheap Flight Example

How to get to the other side of the planet relatively cheap?

$140 from Lexington to LA found on  Not a bad fare to cross the U.S.

I spent seven boring hours in LAX, wishing the Tom Bradley building had a decent place to sleep.  Then, China Airlines (booked on directly into Bali for $510.

I checked on the price directly from Lexington to Bali and it came up $950.  Just by breaking the ticket up into 2 distinct fares and spending those hectic hours in LAX, I got here for $440 cheaper….that’s $62 an hour for my time in LAX.

China Airlines was fantastic, and brutally puts Delta (or nearly all American airlines) to shame.  The crew was friendly, food was more than just edible, service was perfect, and everything ran about as efficient as possible.

Delta on the other hand, told the guy sitting next to me that no, he could not have a third bag of peanuts. Give me a break….plus they charged me $15 for my carry-on.

If you get a choice…fly China Air, they might be my new favorite airline.

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  1. I agree–China Airlines rocks! It’s my favorite airline to take to Asia. Have fun in Indonesia!!

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