Asteroid hit earth in Sudan

Photo by AP

Smart people that don’t blog for a living have been saying that it would happen for a long time, and it actually did!

The first asteroid ever tracked from deep space on a direct course with earth actually broke apart and smacked down in hundreds of pieces all over a desert in Sudan back in October of last year.  The pieces were recently recovered in Sudan and are being studied.

The good news?  We’re still alive, I think.  Lucky for us, the asteroid was only about the size of a car (hopefully a European car and not an American size) and broke apart. Per the BBC, the pieces still hit with the force of 2000 pounds of TNT.

Also lucky for us that the entire thing fell into an uninhabited desert and not somewhere like say….New York City?  There aren’t a whole lot of places on earth that you can detonate 2000 pounds of TNT without making a lot of people very unhappy!

The interesting thing to me is that unless you’re a big nerd like I am, or belong to a local astronomy club – you probably didn’t even know anything about this thing possibly heading for your living room.  What happened to the Hollywood Armageddon solution of grabbing a few rednecks off of an oil well and training them to blow it up?

For starters, there was only about a 19 hour notice between spotting this thing and it scaring the hell out of some tribesmen.  That’s not enough time to find a guy like Bruce Willis let alone evacuate an area.

A home astronomer first spotted the asteroid and the funny thing is that the computer which processes space objects near earth rejected his data – because it didn’t compute.  The system wasn’t used to tracking things so close and so intended on hitting earth!

Luckily we have until 2012 to move our cities underground and train deep space drilling teams, so there is plenty of time.  Thank goodness for the Mayan’s calendar, otherwise I would probably be working on my 401K rather than putting stamps into my passport.  😉

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