I went through great lengths to call home tonight and ended with no luck. I got dropped in Saladan village in the north after my snorkel trip. I stayed here and explored around waiting on the opportunity to call. Found a 7-11 and picked up 300 B in phone cards, then I actually managed to find 3 crappy ToT payphones. None of the 3 work. I actually had to call the payphone tech support, took 3 tries to get an English speaker, and then found out that all their international circuits are dead. Here I sit, 15KM+ from my Bungalow exhausted with no idea how Im getting home. I love it. I hate wasting so much effort to make a simple call and failing my mission though.

I did luck out and walked into a festval going on here. It was 99% Thais, very few Farang. There was great street food which I made my dinner. Crab meat on a stick, chicken (I think) on a stick, and a corn on the cob for 40 Baht. Thats US $1 for my dinner. 🙂 There is also a concert going on, big production stage and crazy Thai music. I was going to check it out but I picked up a VBF (very best friend) Thai guy that I thought was being very friendly….turns out he’s a lady boy. I was nice to him but he drove me nuts flirting so I split. There were actually quite a few at the concert, it is very very common in this culture. Men holding hands, etc. Doesnt really bother me but he kept touching me, and Im not into that on the first date.

So here I sit….wasting time on the internet because its cheaper here. Avoiding the dilema of getting home. I went ahead and booked my passage to Ko Phi Phi on March 7th. Im looking forward to another move.

The good news is I have a pocket full of 1000 Baht notes, which makes me “rich”. The bad news…no one will accept them! So basically I have money but Im broke. How’s that work? Its the equivalent of trying to break a $100 bill for a piece of .25cent candy I guess…people laugh you away. Even my bungalow wont take them, so funny.

Im going to move back up to Long Beach for one night because it is such a nice beach. Nicest Ive been on in Thailand…soft flat sand, lots of shells, and crystal clear deep cold water with a sandy bottom, no rocks or things to step on. Also, almost no waves, its like swimming in a giant pool! I love it here, if I had only a 2 week beach holiday I would get a nice place on Long Beach and chill out for sure.

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