An update?

Its almost like looking under your car as your are filling it with gas, only to see that same gas pouring out and going down a drain.

And so, after more than 2 years of maintaining this blog, sometimes in very difficult situations while traveling, I have watched my readership crumble from more than 400 readers a day to around 50 die hard fans (or maybe my mom hitting the refresh button 50x to make me feel good). This blog has reached over 68,000 unique readers and hopefully inspired at least one fed up cubicle dwelling guy to rip off his tie and make a Rambo style bandanna with it around his head. Believe me, it hurts to see hard work come undone.

But who can blame them? 29 months ago I vowed to make this a travel blog, and not an online diary. Sure, I have shared some personal things along the way, but the bottom line is that no travel for the last 6 months = very little to write about. I doubt people want to hear about my latest dinner adventure or how my shoelace broke this morning.

They want the same thing that I wanted 3 years ago when I was sitting in a cubicle reading blogs…. ADVENTURE dammit….ADVENTURE!

The fact remains, like an aging sex goddess from the 70’s, this blog has peaked and is now sliding down the ugly side of the hill with varicose veins and mysterious growths starting to appear.

And so, maybe its out of nostalgia for the golden years when readers were sending me loads of emails, or maybe its because I’m slowly but steadily going mad and feel the need to document my decline for future generations…I have decided to start writing again, pretty much about anything I can wrap my greedy little brain synapses around.

I guess I could say that this blog is going through a metamorphosis, but that’s too much of a buzz-word (plus, it conjures up images of larvae and crawly things oozing out of shells). So its simple, if you want to read I will love you forever. If you don’t, there are lots and lots of other productive ways to spend your lunch break on the internet….grooming for example:

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4 Responses to “An update?”

  1. Howdy Bro! Yes, this blog still gets read. Just ran across this and thought it made a good follow-on to the last strip I sent you. Cheers!

  2. Still love to read your blogs and stories! Best way to keep in touch with you!

  3. come on, maybe it is just a period ….. don`t worry !!

  4. since I am thinking of joining the travel scene, I have been reading other people’s travel journal. I have to say, your blog made the research very enjoyable. thanks for making the task very entertaining.

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