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Its a terrible feeling waking up on the floor in a bus station that is completely empty, after having gone to sleep surrounded by loads of “interesting” characters.

And so it was…I had missed my bus from Indianapolis to Cincy. This time it was no one’s fault but my own. In my near zombie sleep deprived daze, I had forgotten to change my watch from Central time to Eastern when I arrived at Indianapolis. I cursed myself at the slip and for failing such a simple mission, then took a deep, calming breath and aligned myself with the new situation at hand. So with no plan and no destination, I strapped on my backpack and did what I do best….I started walking.

About 4 KM later I was standing in downtown Indy, which is actually a nice, clean, and enjoyable place to be. There was a huge monument to the civil war soldiers standing downtown which had a free museum underneath. I spent an hour in the museum and learned new things about the civil war which I never knew, then went outside and sat on the steps near a large fountain and sunned myself like a lizard. It was a warm and sunny day, but very windy and the same rain that had afflicted me in Chicago was no doubt moving in my direction and was threatening to make life unpleasant in a matter of hours.

I made a few phone calls and in the sunshine, my mind started processing what options that I had available to me. I am a firm believer that when you stay positive, no matter the circumstance, things will always work out. Once again, this proved correct and out of the blue I received a call from my buddy Chad, which happened to be 2 hours north of me and heading to Lexington for the weekend! We made arrangements for him to collect me at the fountain, with an ETA of 4 hours, so I did some more exploring and ended up sitting on my pack in a large Borders bookstore reading books to make the time zip by.

Before I knew it, Chad was pulling up in his new, red BMW convertible with no bums inside to rescue me (quite an upgarde from the bus) only minutes before it started raining. 3.5 hours later and we were crashing in on my friend Julie’s place back home in Lexington, showering, eating, and enjoying the craic.

Order and balance was restored to the universe. Life is good and I love it !

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