Alive in Ireland!

After a horrendous 5 hour layover in Chicago, and another 7 hours in the air, I crawled out of the plane at Dublin International Airport. There was one bonus though, sitting at the gate I met Erin Barnard, one of the Rose of Tralee ( contestants on her way to the festival to compete. She has already won Rose of Texas and will be representing America. Needless to say I could have picked far worse company, she was with a huge entourage of family and supporters.

Security was nuts because it was the same day the 20+ geniuses wanted to blow up the airlines in UK, people are jittery here to say the least. Suprisingly there were not that many backpackers in the airport. I thought that this was a major Europe entry point and was expecting to encounter a lot of other broke travelers like myself, but there were only suitcases. That was a little disturbing, more tourists mean bigger expenses usually.

In the long bus ride from the airport to the south side of Dublin where my friend’s family lives, instead of sleeping which was much needed, I stared out the window and took note of much things Irish. There are narrow brick streets. Buildings and businesses that are older than my country! Hordes of people, from all races and countries mix in the streets. There are doubledecker buses filled with tourists, and of course black guiness signs are as omnipresent as the smiles on people’s faces. You can’t throw a rock without hitting at least 3 pubs.

Once again, I am feeling the pressure of trying to write in a crowded and noisy internet cafe in the Temple Bar area…and paying out the nose in Euro to do so. I will have to go back and re-write some of these entries when I am not bleeding my budget away trying to spellcheck and be creative.

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