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I’ve got a pretty sweet setup here in Acapulco. They rented me a house, which actually belongs to some rich person that might come here a few days out of a year. It came equip with pool, terrace/deck with wireless for doing my work, a stocked kitchen, a bar, and even a bonus tarantula which we named Hairy. Hairy makes random appearances, but has been MIA for the last week or so. He did manage to show up at a Texas Hold em’ party I had here over the weekend, just in time to scare the hell out of a couple models. I was sharing the place with a film crew, but they left for Cancun – its just me and the giant iguanas until my buddy Jason arrives on the 14th.

I am actually out in the boonies, walking distance to nothing. Its a $5, 15 minute, cab ride back to the main strip, which isn’t too bad, but can be a pain at night. It doesn’t help that riding in these little Volkswagen beetle cabs is usually a near death experience with the way the guys drive. I am directly across the Bay from the action and at night I can hear the tempting sounds of parties and good times drifting across the black water.

I’ve got a housekeeper that looks like she walked right out of a Spanish soap opera. Rosa wears the classic white apron and she is the picture-perfect tough, Catholic to the bone, strong-willed Mexican housekeeper stereotype. She insists on tidying up after me (even when it isn’t wanted) and has her own way of doing things. The woman even re-arranges the cans in our cabinets, daily. Any groceries we buy and put away are subject to her re-organization which can make it interesting trying to eat them later. She also likes to approach me speaking full speed Spanish as if I understand a word of it. Any response that I attempt only creates a more passionate one-way dialog in Spanish, so I have learned to just give her a blank, dumbfounded expression, like something you would see on a cow in a field as you drove by.

I’m afraid this month is going to fly by and my 90 degree weather will be swapped for the best March in Kentucky has to offer. For now, I am enjoying myself and life es bueno! 🙂

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