A Proper Jamaican Welcome

Jamaica Jet Ski

Just beautiful

I knew that Jamaica was famous for its primary export: ganja..aka…weed.

I knew that it would probably be all around us, but what I did not count on is our minibus driver between Negril and Montego Bay, firing up a joint as he navigated the windy road! He passed the huge joint back with a smile as the sweet smoke filled the bus. Damn. I had been in country for less than one hour and already the famous ganja smoke was all around me. I passed but the Californians behind me felt right at home.

We managed to make it to Negril without dying, and found our small budget hotel: White Sands Inn. The place is nothing fancy but they do have a nice garden on the grounds that is exploding with tropical colors and over sized leaves that remind you the jungle is next door. The owner and family are awesome and friendly, unlike the rest of the staff, unfortunately. That includes the prick of a bartender — yes you — I knew you would find this blog one day! 🙂

I even picked a ripe mango up off the ground on the first day and made it breakfast – something I miss dearly from Thailand.

Along with the nice garden comes a nice assortment of jungle insects, most of which have found a way to bite Lyndsey. There is no TV or phone in the room, only a small air conditioner – perfect. There is a balcony that overlooks a jungle area which is nice, provided you burn mozzie coils to build a perimeter. I sit at night, listen to the sounds of life, and watch the wild goats wander around wondering which one will end up in the favorite dish here — Curried Goat.

Hot, thick humid air, geckos on the wall in our room barking at night, mozzies and other unidentified biters…perfect, I feel right at home!

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