A New Mission: Indonesia


Indonesia. 17,500+ islands. 150 active volcanoes. Pictures of guys living in jungle isolation with bones through their noses who wear outfits that would make a porn star blush.


My next destination was pretty much chosen for me!

I absolutely love everything about Southeast Asia. The sweat, the mozzies, the food, the hustle and bustle, the sounds of the jungle…but I did not want to repeat Thailand for a third time. That’s where Indonesia steps in. With so many islands to keep me occupied, world class diving, touristy yet magical Bali, and trekking in places that would make Rambo nervous — this place has it all. I am also interested in the predominantly Muslim culture, which will be a nice switch from Buddhist, my comfort zone.

The even have SURFING! I may never leave!

And so, assuming that my funds hold up and I don’t hear any more mystery noises coming from my truck, or the U.S. government doesn’t slap me in the face for tax money again, my next country has been chosen. Just the thought of it gets my winter-thickened blood moving just a little faster.

There are quite a lot of things going on under the ground in Indonesia. I have heard from numerous people that the energy there is amazing. The 2005 tsunami earthquake didn’t start too far from there, and with 150 active volcanoes, it does seems like I will be walking on the Devil’s rooftop. There are, no doubt, some things going on downstairs. I intend to climb at least one of those active volcanoes up to the rim and peer down into the sheer, fiery, lava goodness below. 🙂

On top of climbing (hopefully a rated or free-solo climb, not a hike) the volcano, my personal mission is to catch a boat over to Papua and get some pictures of the potential tourist-eaters. I’m sure, like anything else, it has probably been spoiled, and they now eat Ramen noodles, watch Friends, and wear their penis gourds to impress money toting strangers into taking pictures (I doubt the things are very comfortable). Even still, getting there sounds like a fun mission, and it will take me to the farthest corner of earth that I can go to away from home outside of stepping onto Australia. (tempting, I will be so close).

Anyway, enough sword rattling…I’ll shut up until I walk the walk. Just be ready for some good adventure in a couple of months. I know that I am.

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  1. Well, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to figure out how this one’s going to be funded. Let me guess…you’re going to eliminate the airfare by swimming, and use the $500 the government is giving us to pay for the rest? 🙂

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