A Day at the Races

So when I am traveling in places where there are not many Americans, I am frequently asked, “which state are you from, NY or California?”.

Well…believe it or not, there are a few states in between the two. When I tell people abroad that I am from Lexington, Kentucky, the reaction is almost always the same… “ohhhhhh…KFC…fried chicken!” WTF?! How did my state go from being known for having the most horses in the world, to greasy, mutated chicken? Thank you fast food marketing.

To clear up the record and do my part, I decided to take my camera to Keeneland for the Spring meet yesterday. It was a gorgeous, 70 degree Sunday, and a perfect day to go watch the horses race and the pageantry. Even if horses aren’t your thing (many people never see one when they go to the track!) it is a good time with friends and plenty of craic.

We had access to the clubhouse which meant that we had to hobsnob with the wealthy in unbearably hot coats and ties, but it did provide an awesome lawn for us to hang out on and direct access to the track. It also meant less drunk rednecks which is always a good thing.

The funny thing is that most of the people in the clubhouse were serfs like me…they knew someone that knew someone to get in. The few actual members there were usually easy to spot….they were always older and usually looked rich, pissed off, and miserable. Wow – I’m glad that I’m not rich! 🙂

It was military appreciation day so there were hundreds of trainees from Ft. Knox getting a rare break, but they were always under the watchful eyes of these guys. I talked to a couple of the drill sergeants just to prove to myself that they really were human and not the heartless mutants I thought they were a few years ago! 🙂

When the soldiers marched out in formation, everyone in the paddock area gave them cheers and applauded. I did as well. Regardless of your political feelings, it takes guts for anyone that watches the nightly news to volunteer for that!

Despite loosing approximately $10 in gambling money, it was an incredible day of sunshine, friends, and beautiful animals. See, there is more to do here than eating greasy chicken…I would rather have mine stir fried in Pad Thai Gai anyway!

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