I stumbled into my guesthouse on Rambuttri street at around 11:00am.

My favorite hostel in Bangkok, Suk11 was full, so I found myself on the other side of the city where most budget travelers head to anyway.

After my all night bus, I could barely manage to check myself in, but the quiet-and-gentle Buddhist owner (who always asks that you speak in a hushed voice while inside the garden) greeted me with a smile and presented my bag of winter things that I had left in his care almost a month ago.

That was a good start to a Bangkok visit which I had been dreading my last few days in the islands. I was certainly too tired to deal with a crisis, so I crashed on my bed in a relatively cheap and luxurious room by Khao San standards. I was not altogether happy about being back in this city.

I came back to life sometime in the afternoon and wandered out for some food. I became quite a regular at a strand of street food carts on Rambuttri street, a semi-quiet and pleasant escape just a block or two away from the hellish backpacker ghetto of the universe known as Khao San Road. My green curry chicken cost about $1.10 and was one of the best lunches I have ever had on the road. Hell, its worth flying back there for! 🙂

While I was sitting at my table, two familiar faces came strolling down the street. It was Genevieve and Anna from China! These two girls have been riding bicycles from Beijing to Indonesia and I have run into them on the road at least four times, including the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Now here we were sitting in a different country, not even a neighboring country, over a month later! This is not the first time that this has happened. Its a big world, but at the same time, a small one for vagabonds that share the same heart.

None of us were particularly happy about being in Bangkok, so we decided to take things into our own hands and do something about it. I wandered around with my friends Melodie and Ellie until we heard some live music coming from a small place just off the road. We decided to take a chance on the inside and something very very strange happened….

I had the time of my life!

A Thai band was rocking out to some great old music that I grew up with (yeah, I’m that old) but has become timeless. They played things like Guns-n-Rosses, Metallica, AC-DC… you name it. We were dancing, headbanging, laughing, and I literally had one of my best nights out that I can remember. Unbelievable. Here I was, standing in a place where before I would have traded a kidney to avoid and now I couldn’t stop singing and dancing.

Damn you, Khao San. You make me feel so confused about my life. I want to hate you but after the three nights there, how can I?