Sitting here, I have just finished 24 hours without a single bite of food. I fill my stomach directly from a one-gallon jug of room temperature water which is becoming my best friend; I carry it around everywhere!

But why?

I’m attempting my first five-day water fast.

Every now and then I have to throw in the odd personal post to befuddle Google and hurt my rankings (even more).

One of my simple pleasures in life is hacking. Thanks to Hollywood, the word “hacker” immediately conjures up images of a pizza-faced introvert surrounded by Redbull cans, basking in the glow of three giant screens while he desperately tries to “own” some city traffic system. More often than not, he’s really just screwing around in forums or looking at porn.

Before you start closing browsers, deleting cookies, and hiding your credit cards,  the true definition of the word hacker is simply someone who wants to know what makes things work.

“Growing old” is what happens when people lose their natural curiosity in life.

I agree with Aldous Huxley in his book the Doors of Perception where he claims we are surrounded by constant stimuli and complex wonders that our brains simply block out because they don’t apply to mating, eating, or survival. The door of perception exists between our eyes and our brain; it limits the flow of information to keep us sane — and in the process blocks out some interesting stuff. A hacker just wants to open that door a little more.

Adventure doesn’t always have to include swinging a rusty machete around a jungle. The potential for adventure is everywhere…

Out of curiosity, the lust to do something strange and painful, and for the sake of bio-hacking, I have decided to do a five-day water fast. I am going to record results carefully every day including weight, emotions, and general well-being, then post a summary at the end. Ever read the ingredients on half the food you are eating?  A chemistry student would be scared.

America is one of the worst places for processed foods. Some of the stuff we consume is actually banned in India and other countries. Even the “healthy” brands sneak in unbelievable amounts of artificial stuff. It is difficult and expensive to eat organically in America! When traveling, I typically eat only fruit, grains, and natural local stuff. And despite drinking my weight in Thai Redbull buckets, I still feel 110%  better than while at home. Is it the food?

I’m going to find out.

Another good reason to try a five-day water fast? I want to know what real hunger feels like — something that a large portion of the world deals with daily.

Most people that know me, know that I am anything but a “health nut.” I love meat, over indulgence, and generally will eat anything that can’t outrun me. I should be a shareholder in Monster I consume so many of their toxic-yet-wonderful energy drinks a week.

Following my five-day water fast (no food or juice, just water), I am going to slowly come down and eat only organic goodies for as long as possible. Will the weight I lose so quickly pop back on? Will my eyes sink into my skull as I sag around the house begging for death — or a sandwich?

I can already feel the primal, overwhelming shouts of hunger just after 24 hours without food. My stomach is giving me a rumbling “WTF is going on?” every 10 minutes.

All health benefits aside, this will definitely give me some respect and compassion for people that aren’t doing this for adventure or curiosity. Some unfortunately people feel this way every day because there simply isn’t enough food. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow when I wake up.

Now I’m off to dream about Pad Thai…and sushi. Hell, even a Big Mac would do the trick.