Escape the Cubicle and Travel the World

You don’t have to be rich to see the world!

I began vagabonding while working remotely in 2006. This is my story of living a location-independent life of travel.

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Hello, I’m Greg Rodgers

Greg Rodgers scuba diving

Read more about why I began vagabonding.


This is a story of life change, big adventures, and finding happiness.

Our world is a place of wonder, and I didn’t want to wait until retirement to explore it. So, I changed my priorities. Instead of focusing on becoming wealthy, I made myself rich with the blessings of life experience and freedom as a solo traveler.

Balancing work with travel is possible! I’m here to help if you want to start a new life of adventure. But in the end, you’re the one who will have to hoist the black flag and go get a few scars. Until then, enjoy some tales of a vagabonding life lived fully and deliberately.

I will see you on the road.

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Remote Offices of a Digital Nomad

Remote Offices of a Digital Nomad

Back in the throes of wintry January, I combed through thousands of travel photos to create a collection of my remote “offices” as a digital nomad from the past 16 years. My plan was to make a short blog post. But looking through so many photos of warm, happy places...

Vagabonding isn't like you see on Instagram!

Don’t Wait Until Retirement to Start Living

You can find a way. Build your legacy!

Life is good when you make it so.

Machu Picchu seen while vagabonding